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Members of VRS are multi-faceted. They care about the progress, usefulness and

security of Information Technology (IT), as well as the direction and development of IT
programs in the US and worldwide. They search for new innovative and inspiring

avenues of entrepreneurships. They are trend setters, enthusiast, and users from all

walks of life. They are also decision-makers for industry, private businesses,

educational centers of excellence, and non-profit organizations.

Corporate membership is available to business partners and affiliates whom share a
common goal, a foundation of trust, integrity and shared reliability.

Staff membership is open to all VRS staff members. Branch of operations is not limited:
executive, financial, operations, technical, project management, research and development,
security, VRSDirect Magazine, content managers, site hosts managers, and
administrators all share in the success of Virtual Resource Systems,

Individual membership is available for all whom contribute viable content, resources, and
services; as well as IT/IA professionals who request membership per their credentials:
certifications, licenses, and/or IT/IA degree or validated experience (Current Employment)

Institutional membership is available for organizations who desire assistance for the
betterment of the public at large, utilizing the tools of the IT/IA profession; supporting the
cause of the greater good for communities and cities.  Approval is not automatic.


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