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 Cyber Open-Source Intelligence and Analysis (COSINTA)


Virtual Resource Systems (VRS) is a privately owned cyber-intelligence fusion organization; utilizing its subject matter expertise, to research, develop and distribute: Actionable Reports, White Papers, Strategies, and independent Requests for Information (RFI) on a myriad of cyber topics, concerns, and general situational awareness.  To that goal, we assess Current Cyber Policies, Cyber Trends, Current and Emerging Cyber Threats, Emerging Technologies, and Industry Best Practices. Established since 1996, VRS continues to evolve, and grow as technology and cyber threats evolve, keeping pace with the ever-changing cyber terrain. Our products utilize and reference multiple dimensions of authoritative sourced resources to create correlated reports, identify shortfalls, and predict the best way ahead for our clients, industry and the ever-evolving cyber community.  We do the leg work, correlation and analysis and provide you the finished product.



Owner and Founder, Kevin Johnson, started VRS in 1996. It began as an initiative to reduce users' dependency on search engines by providing direct links to authoritative sources.  Authoritative sources, whom professionals, industry and end users depend on day-to-day for direction, background, and project support. As the information superhighway grew, it became a great necessity and often "at the speed of need."  Unfortunately, as the demand grew, so grew the threat adversary’s determination to exploit these resources using various avenues to take advantage of our dependency; deploying slightly irregular websites (misspellings), click bait, alternate IP addresses (hijacked links), just to name a few. As we learned early on, both industry and end users often were enticed with the hopes of free software, free access to sites, features, resources and/or the hope of increasing their wallets, falling prey to these dubious actors. Many users learned, often too late, when the service is free, "You're not the customer; you're the product." As greater returns were realized, the threat adversaries' Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) evolved and became more persistent; what the industry terms APTs or "Advanced Persistent Threats". Today we still provide limited open portal access to the user community, and continue to provide many quality services, that all may benefit. The foundation of the company was built on the founder's many years’ experience from radios and teletypes, mainframes and miniframes, right through to today's complexed networked computing environments.



Deliver cyberspace assurance solutions, cyber/intelligence fusion, reinforcing and enriching business cyber operations and information assurance.



Empowerment through the fusion of cyberspace Intelligence.



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