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 Cyber Open-Source Intelligence and Analysis (COSINTA)




We partner with cyber centers of excellence, Innovation and entrepreneur Centers, Vendors, Industry leaders, Educators, and city, state, federal institutions. Through collaboration, we strengthen and enrich the cyberspace community, leveraging new technologies and building on best practices.



We are committed to the profession, its growth, best utilization, and the safety and security of the cyber terrain. This core value mandates that we are always improving our products, our sources/resources, our situational awareness, and our dynamic workforce subject matter expertise to meet the demand of our clients/customers. The growth of our company is synonymous with the growth of our workforce.


At Virtual Resource Systems, we honor our commitment to our efforts; to consistently meet our objectives and goals. We accomplish this by economy of movement, working smarter not harder, and setting concrete and attainable milestones. Our persistence is ingrained in our business practices and transparent to our customers.



Our integrity, can be summed up in this phrase; "Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching." Everybody working, everybody contributing sets the stage for self-vectoring and focus; we value trustworthiness, openness, and commitment. It's how we choose to get to the best solutions, together.



We recognize the importance of the family; both personal, corporate and the friends we make along the way. We believe in each according to their gifts. We address challenges together; our teams, our workforce is at their best when all their family relationships are positive and productive. We promote cohesiveness, flexibility, and accountability. We must be accountable to our families, both corporate and personal; never forsaking one over the other. Our work requires a symbiont relationship, between the workforce and profession. We work smarter together, we celebrate together, we win together.



We treat all people with dignity and value the collective power of teamwork. We demonstrate high regard for clients, one another, partners, and regulatory obligations. Finally, creating trusted and enduring relationships with customers, colleagues, and communities to achieve mutual goals.


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